Sergey Shipulin

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🇬🇧 DD engWelcome to Kazakhstan

We have written a lot about the technological revolution and development of other countries, but our country has its own prophets, and Kazakhstan deserves no less ...

27/10/2023 23:27
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🇬🇧 DD engDisappeared, reborn, glorious - all about banks in Japan

Negative interest rates, a triumvirate of power and ruthlessness in everything, huge megabanks but close relationships with customers - Japan has always stood out in ...

19/12/2023 18:34
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🇬🇧 DD engWelcome to the UAE

Each new article in the "Welcome" section is a new journey to other countries. More specifically, it is a new journey to other countries, or to be more precise, an ...

15/10/2023 5:45
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🇬🇧 DD engCommunism, inequality, fintech - all you need to know about Vietnam

What do you know about Vietnam? You've probably heard about the war, fintech and the special cuisine, which is basically a cross between Chinese and Thai ...

2/10/2023 17:42