Nikita Sukhovey

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🇬🇧 DD engInterview with Nasim Aliev: "Knowing the cultural code is the key to success".

Nasim Aliyev began his career in Russia, on the cusp of global changes for the entire region. After a successful start in banking, he moved to ...

8/4/2024 17:30
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🇬🇧 DD engCommunism, inequality, fintech - all you need to know about Vietnam

What do you know about Vietnam? You've probably heard about the war, fintech and the special cuisine, which is basically a cross between Chinese and Thai ...

2/10/2023 17:42
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🇬🇧 DD engWelcome: What's behind China's economic miracle?

China, a country with a rich history and formidable cultural heritage, has undergone an extraordinary economic transformation in recent decades. With a population of ...

28/10/2023 7:09
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🇬🇧 DD engWelcome to Brazil

With Brazil leading the fintech revolution in Latin America, it's time to understand why it has been called the "main underdog" of the industry ...

25/7/2023 11:09
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🇬🇧 DD engWelcome to Uzbekistan

Please do not get up until you have read the entire text. Do not unfasten your seat belts and wait for permission on the overhead sign. Today we are flying to ...

30/10/2023 9:45
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🇬🇧 DD engInterview with Danil Anisimov on moving to Mexico and building a startup there

We spoke to Danil Anisimov, former VP of product and portfolio management at Tinkoff Bank and current co-founder of fintech startup Plata Card in Mexico, about his ...

31/10/2023 14:54