Katerina Kucherova

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🇬🇧 DD engWelcome to Argentina

Argentina is in a constant state of crisis, but at the same time its citizens enjoy a higher level of well-being than in many Latin American countries. Why the ...

12/7/2023 18:05
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🇬🇧 DD engThe World of Credit: where the market is heading and Why

Credit as a system existed in Assyria, Babylon, and Ancient Egypt. 3000 years ago, there were borrowers and lenders. A debtor who failed to repay their credit on time ...

24/7/2023 11:53
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🇬🇧 DD engThe future of neobanks in the world and in Kazakhstan

What we expect in 2023, what products we will see, and what will happen in Kazakhstan - learn the most important from our expert Aidos Zhumagulov.‍

30/10/2023 15:32
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🇬🇧 DD engDigital tenge: where are we going and why

The emergence of digital tenge is as logical a step as the appearance of money as a tool to buy goods. This is a new phenomenon, so there are no exact answers ...

25/7/2023 11:08
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🇬🇧 DD engFintech Products for Businesses

E-commerce platforms are actively integrating accounting systems, real estate and car rental or purchasing services, connecting credit and insurance services ...

9/7/2023 14:31
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🇬🇧 DD engAlexander Emeshev: "I have instructions on how NOT to open a neobank"

Alexander Emeshev, co-founder of Vivid Money, spoke to Digital Donut expert Ainur Temirkhankhazy about the experience of opening a neobank in Europe - the ambition ...

21/10/2023 20:24